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Monday, January 10

Thatcher Wine has one of my dream jobs. The owner of Juniper Books spends much of his days assembling book collections and custom designing book jackets for interior designers and other high-end clients. It could take him a year, but by the end of it, he gives them beautiful works of art per shelf. And of course, Wine gets interesting requests. In a recent New York Times feature, "Selling a Book by Its Cover," one client asked for literary classics and art books for her silver-inflected art library. Wine picked out works by Jane Austen, Robert Browning and Kate Chopin and wrapped them in matte silver paper. Another client wanted him to amass around a thousand books and wrap them in blank white paper sans titles. That one is too kooky for me....

I don't know about you, but I'm just thrilled people still want to line their shelves with books. It's a scary thing when you start to see more and more book stores -- independent and chains -- close down. I need an honest-to-goodness book when I need to escape reality. An e-reader just doesn't do it for me. 

One client asked for a Western-themed collection
Thatcher Wine with one of his designs
Books displayed to look like the American flag
Books covered in silver matte paper
(Photos via The New York Times)

Other exquisite ways books are being used as art....

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  1. i love this ♥
    floating bookshelves are cropping up in many interior magazines i've looked at lately & i love the idea of that.
    personally, i'm a fan of the eclectic & like all my books different sizes, colours, fonts, paperbacks, hardbacks, etc.

  2. I'm totally the same. I don't want my books looking too uniform. When I'm stressed, my way of relaxing involves rearranging my shelves!



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