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Friday, August 29

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Helllooooo, 4-day weekend. I took the day off today and Monday is a holiday, so I have plenty of time to take it easy and relax. I actually just got up. Haha. Anyway, I hope you like these pics. They're lovely on their own, but together, they just make me happy. Enjoy your weekend, friends! 

Must Have | Camera bag

Tuesday, August 26

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On the hunt for a camera bag that I can take to Seattle. I'm looking at these six and trying to narrow it down to one. Decisions, decisions ... 

Lily Stan Studio

Monday, August 25

Recently, I tackled a very important project. I cleaned out my closet. Every inch of the small space was jammed with stuff, and now I feel so much better that all the clutter is gone. But through the slightly overwhelming process, I learned that I'm missing the everyday staples. This is where Lily Stan Studio comes in. 

The woman behind the label is Lily Harris and her timeless designs are part of an ongoing collection that can be layered and worn together interchangeably, regardless of season. Smart, right? The collection is so pretty and each piece is so special. I love the stripe top above. It looks comfy and will help me survive the LA heat for sure. Lily Stan Studio will be launching soon, so I'll be checking the site on a regular basis so I can complete my look. There's a couple of pieces I have my eye on.

Photography by: Wing Ta
Styled by: Bodega Ltd.

'Gram envy

Monday, August 18

Let's start a brand new work week with beautiful photos from Tara Pearce. Her Instagram feed is gorgeous, and I love the wonderful mix of pics focused on family and her travels. They'll seriously brighten up your day. Check out her other Instagram feed: @outertowners. It's just as follow-worthy as this one. Have a great Monday!

Happy Friday

Friday, August 15

It's been an emotional week, to say the least, and this Nordic Light photo series from Babes in Boyland just brings on the calm. The beautiful light fits my reflective mood and the images are a perfect reminder that fall is on its way. Have a fantastic weekend, friends. 


Wednesday, August 13

Live a life of simple creativity and allow time for rest and recuperation from daily life. Awesome advice, right? That's the message behind Provencial, a wonderful site I recently found when I was searching for something entirely different. I love when that happens. For now, it's an online platform that features photo essays (find the stories to these images here and here), films, and a curated page of beautiful stand-alone images. But soon, Grace Taylor and Nicole Abesamis - the two ladies behind Provencial - are moving forward in making it into a quarterly print magazine. The first issue is expected this fall. That's definitely something to look forward to.

Bye weekend

Monday, August 11

Yesterday was all about good food and shopping. Basically, it was the best day ever. I met my friend Duane at Grand Central Market in Downtown LA and we brunched at Eggslut. After our meal - I had the yummy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich - we spent another three hours or so wandering around Unique USA's 6th Annual LA Summer Market. 

Unique had more than 300 hand selected designers and artists so we went to a lot of booths. I went home with awesome goodies I'll be giving as gifts, but I'm going to keep this beautiful honeycomb long necklace from HyJewelry. Other favorites: Sugar Pie, Honey Buns {tasty pies} | Eva Franco {fancy frocks} | Concrete Geometric {cute plant pots} | Janie XY {plush toys} | Gourmet Blends {delicious balsamic and olive oil blends}

Photos by Christine Rose Morente

I can't wait for the next one. Stay tuned for upcoming Unique USA markets in San Francisco and New York. You don't want to miss them. 

Happy Friday

Friday, August 8

Yay, another work week bites the dust. Saturday is devoted to errands, but on Sunday, I'll be brunching at Eggslut located inside the Grand Central Market and checking out some of the other eateries in the area. If there's time, I'll head over to Unique USA's LA Summer Market at the California Market Center. If you're around, I highly recommend you go. I've gone several times and I've never left disappointed. Just go early because it will get crowded. Have a fantastic weekend!

Wise words

Thursday, August 7

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I booked my flight to Seattle!!! I know I've already mentioned that I'll be in the PNW in September, but I'm so dang excited. I can't believe it's been two years since my last vacation. I've taken one or two mini road trips during the occasional long weekend to stay sane, but I'm finally leaving LA even if it's just for a few days. No smog. No traffic-clogged 405 freeway. Bliss. Do you think it's too soon to start packing? 

'Gram envy

Wednesday, August 6

It's so easy to get lost in all the flowers, pretty pastels and beautiful styling found on Victoria's Instagram feed. I recently stumbled upon her blog, Oh So Pretty, and I'm just as enamored with that space and visit frequently. Victoria is definitely one to follow if you need a bit of calm in your life.

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