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Friday, January 21

So, in my other life -- when I'm not blogging -- I'm a publicity intern at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. It's been an incredible experience, and I'm sad it's soon going to end after the show airs live coast-to-coast on TNT and TBS on Sunday, Jan. 30 in Los Angeles. It's my first awards show, so I want to make sure I not only look fantastic (obviously), but am also comfortable throughout the day and night.

My options: I can either wear a black suit or a black dress. My girly side wants the cocktail dress and the high glittery heels, but my practical self wants the suit paired with a nice peep-toe wedge because later, I can get more use out of it, i.e. job interviews, events, etc. With the show being only nine days away, I need to make my decision ASAP and head to Bloomingdales this weekend.

I'm inspired by this: A classic YSL suit....

definitely golden
And this ....


I like....

Bloomingdales: The Suits
Bloomingdales: The LBD



  1. hmmmmmm such a decision--maybe they will have fantastic sales on and you could get both looks.... we can dream right???



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