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Tuesday, February 8

I have so much fun scouring Etsy for fun and unique shops! Doing so definitely brightens up my Mondays. Here are four more shops that warrant some love and attention!

and O Design
Japanese artist Yumi Ando owns, and O Design. From her studio in Melbourne, Australia, she creates ceramic jewelry and interior accessories inspired by Japanese and Australian cultures. I want the white lace inlaid butterfly broach! 

Utopia is a shop dedicated to upcycled furniture and housewares. I am inspired by Utopia's mission: "Take something that has reached the end of its desirable life and apply beautiful and inspiring finishes that not only complement its history, but also give it a new character that is up-to-date and very unique ...." I've fallen in love with these wooden bookmarks! They are cuts from other projects that have been sawn, sanded, decorated and polished by hand.

The House of Oliver
The House of Oliver sells vintage pieces. I'm intrigued by the long row of glass slides that date back from the 1880s. Inside are preserved non-human tissue specimens (plant, pond slime and wood) taken from all over the world. I would hang the beautiful collection if I had an office/library!

Photography By Jodi
I actually found Photography By Jodi through For The Love Of Blogs, a great site that encourages bloggers to mingle, follow and comment on each other's posts. I saw Jodi's blog, "Living Life Photographically," and contacted her there. I love her photographs! My favorite is the "Winter Cattails." (Top left corner) 



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