Etsy love (XV) ....

Tuesday, March 15

I needed a little bit of whimsy, a drop of humor and a smidge of cuteness in my life yesterday, so I'm glad I found these Etsy shops because they definitely put a smile on my face.

No, I'm not a lush, but I really dig these really cool flasks from whimsy & ink. I love their bright colors and fun images. I think I will take the one depicting "The Original Mustache Love," fill it with juice and happily take a swig from it.

Oh Dier has these great signs made out of recycled plywood. I like the humor in many of the pieces, and would love to combine some of the words in William Dohman's shop. Nerd love? Yes, please!

Fruit Fly Pie belongs to Wendy Alderman. She is a ceramic artist who makes these perfect owls and other items out of a studio next to her home. So sweet. My windowsill is begging for both of them, actually.

Stasia Burrington is an illustrator who creates art that is equal parts edgy and cute. I love that she is inspired by "lines, freckles, stars, tea, toes, fingernails, sighs, whispers, food, kisses and daydreams." Go on, and check out the rest of her stuff.


  1. I love all of these things! I am going to have to check out these shops!!




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