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Tuesday, April 12

In October, my favorite books will be released with the most gorgeous covers I've ever seen. Jillian Tamaki, an illustrator and cartoonist, was commissioned by Penguin Classics for its threads project. Although the covers will not be embroidered (insert sad face here), a sculptural-embossing technique will be used to emphasize the stitches. Making room on my bookshelf for these beauties! You can pre-order The Secret Garden, Emma and Black Beauty on Amazon.

Images via Jilian Tamaki Sketchblog. Also featured on decor8!


  1. oh my gosh, so cool! I want. I've been meaning to reread The Secret Garden anyway, and this seems like a good enough excuse to do so, right?

  2. I know! I have a couple of friends who love Emma, so I think the books will be given as gifts as well!

  3. these are absolutely gorgeous.
    an 'alice in wonderland' one of these would be pure heaven :)

  4. Hopefully, she'll be asked to do more!



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