The Riviera ....

Wednesday, April 20

I just went through Toast's beautiful summer catalog to prepare for my trip to the French Riviera. Yup! In about three weeks, I'll be taking my first big international trip to Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival. I've known for quite awhile (remember I mentioned that I received my passport?), but didn't want to say anything until arrangements have been made. I'll be there working, but hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing. Totally planning my outfits right now. Yay!
 Images via Toast


  1. You will have an amazing time in the Riviera, I love it there. The photos above were actually taken in Mallorca were I currently live, you will notice when you get to Cannes that the light in that part of France is so amazing. Have fun. ax



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