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Tuesday, May 24

It's been awhile since I've shown some Etsy love. So last night, I was puttering around and found these great shops. Check them out!

everyeskimo is all about "strange and lovely vintage finds." My favorite item? It's the ship's card catalog, which still has its original hardware. I'm also crazy about the unlucky bunny. It is 7"tall and hand-stitched from a creamy wool felt with embroidered accents. So cute.

Susantique is another shop dedicated to antiques/classics/curious finds. I love anything vintage, so the treasures here are currently calling my name. I am coveting the three Luce travel train cases covered in faux chamois leather from the 40s/50s. 

Studiopatro sells beautiful and sustainable hand-printed textiles. I'll be ordering the DEVOUR linen hand towel. I'll be hanging it on my wall rather than using it to dry my hands. It will make a great reminder to devour .....

lumafina = luminous and fine. This shop carries pretty handmade jewelry crafted out of sterling silver, vintage beads and metal, antler and gemstones. The sterling silver stacking rings definitely caught my eye as well as the sterling silver flower and wood drop earrings. This pair would be perfect for summer.


  1. The 'Devour' hand towel is fantastic! Definitely on my etsy wishlist!

    Fabulous finds!


  2. Thanks! I love your blog, simply divine.



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