From Cannes ....

Wednesday, May 18

Hello! I'm back in LA and fully recovered from my Cannes trip. I was there for the film festival and worked on three events for Calvin Klein and the Independent Filmmaker Project. I enjoyed every minute of it -- even the frustrating and stressful moments. But once those events were over, I was free to walk around Cannes and take in the beautiful winding streets and lovely architecture. These photos were taken at the Musee de la Castre and a farmers market.  I'll be posting pictures of my trip for the rest of the week! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh my, I enjoy this very much! I have never been to Cannes, but your photos are Lovely! Calvin Klein? Really? That sounds spectacular. What an exciting life!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.

    That Girl in Pearls



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