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Thursday, May 26

Last night, I had my credit card in hand and went on Amazon to buy Pia Jane Bijkerk's new book, my heart wanders, only to find it's already out of print. Telling myself to remain calm, I went to BN's site to see if there might be copies, and nope not there either. Gah!

I was so looking forward to getting my hands on her latest book, which is a collection of photographs from her travels through France, Amsterdam, Belgium, Italy and Sydney. I guess I'm going to have to wait until more copies are available. I'm a big admirer of her work. She's an incredible photographer and a great stylist. Check out her blog, enhance the everyday and portfolio so you can see what I'm talking about.

More of Pia's work ....

 Images courtesy of Pia Jane Bijkerk


  1. Oh, wonderful! Hope you can get your copy soon!!!
    Have a wonderful day xxx



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