PhotoShop bootcamp ....

Monday, June 13

Happy Monday all!
I just spent the last two days in photoshop bootcamp aka blopshop, taught by Bri of Design Love Fest and Angela of Angela+Ithyle. It was a great experience! I had a very basic knowledge of photoshop prior to the course, so I'm very excited to incorporate all the new stuff I've learned like retouching (yay!), animating a photograph (actually pretty easy), and other cool tools to use for future posts. Some examples below.

Color saturation ....
Images by me

Practice post....
Images provided by Bri & Angela

Practice blog header ....
Image via Amanda of Mocking Bird via sfgirlbybay
Color inspiration post ....
Images via Plum Pretty Sugar & Compai
Fun snapshots in front of the Smilebooth!

Here's the awesome video from BlogShop:


  1. Wish they'd do this on the east coast!! Great job...!

  2. wow- your images are so pretty! very envious of your blogshop experience. they need to come to the boston area!



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