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Tuesday, September 13

Romina Bacci of Miles Of Light has one of the most beautiful nature-inspired prints I've ever seen. I love that you are free to admire the uniqueness of each item in a photograph, but together the different pieces make it one stunning piece of art. In an Etsy feature, she described that Miles of Light began as a photographic diary that documented her life and travels between North and South America. Romina also shared her creative process, which involves a nature walk and coming home with pockets, hands and bags full of feathers, leaves, flowers, twigs, etc. She later organizes the elements, takes pictures, and rearranges them over and over and over again. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! And because I couldn't resist, you'll find a few photos from her portfolio below. Oh! And Romina's blog is right here.

*Special thanks to Romina for allowing me to share her work.


  1. Stopping by through FTLOB. I looove these pieces!! And your blog too :)


  2. etsy is always filled with such beautiful things! I just found you via for the love of your site fellow angelino! ;)



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