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Friday, September 21

Oh goody, it's Friday. I've done a lot of writing the last couple of weeks, most of it for work, so this weekend I'll be working on a short story for this humor writing class I'm taking with a friend. Thankfully it's online so I don't have to worry about reading it out loud in front of a bunch of strangers who write better than I do. I've been thinking about funny/weird situations that have happened to me in the past, but I'm not coming up with anything yet. Maybe I'll put something together that involves the two little pups below (they make me giggle) or someone who looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. Had to include him in this round-up of lovely pics. I couldn't leave him out. Have a great weekend!

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  1. the two puppies are funny, i laughed out loud when i scrolled down to them....thanks for the laugh

  2. Haha. You're welcome! I wish there was a "before" pic to show how the little white dog's leg ended up in the other's mouth. Have a super weekend, Suzanne.



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