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Friday, November 2

It's November and we're a few weeks from my birthday. Woot! Hope you all have great plans this weekend. I'll be writing, writing, writing. I'm doing National Novel Writing Month so that means I have to write a 50,000 word novel before the end of the month. It's overwhelming, but something I can accomplish. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday. I love the quote below: Raindrops are the perfect lullaby. So true.

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  1. Good luck my friend! Let us write and write and write!

  2. My hat's off to you for going for NaNoWriMo! That takes some serious skill so I applaud you for diving right in! Best wishes with your novel writing this month. I'll be cheering you on. :)

    P.S. Nice 'meeting' you at blog brunch this afternoon! You have a lovely blog. :)



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