Ouur Studio by Kinfolk

Monday, July 21

I want to step into this lookbook from Ouur and have brunch with these people. I want to grab my bike, buy some flowers from the sweetest smelling flower shop in the city, and later, linger in a quaint cafe while sipping my coffee and reading a book. Amazing, right? I really need to make all that happen.

Launched this year, Ouur is Kinfolk's lifestyle studio that offers a seasonal line of clothing and home goods. Kinfolk is one of my favorite magazines, and so it's no surprise that I'm completely enamored with the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. There's so much goodness and simple elegance here! I can't wait for the linen shirts and hooded jackets to arrive in the U.S. They're only available in Japan, so I'm just going to hope that they're here later in the year.


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