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Tuesday, September 2

I read a lot. And where I do it, it's pretty random. Sometimes I'll read in my car (parked in the garage at work) at the end of the day, a comfy and quiet nook in the office during lunch, my room, or IKEA (yesterday). Basically, I like to escape into the pages every chance I get. So I was elated when I found this photo series, Reading Women, from Carrie Schneider. There's not a lot of info on her site, but a quick search led me to a Huffington Post article about a past exhibit at the Monique Meloche Gallery in Chicago.

THE GIST: The project documents 70 women who chose to read a book written by a female author. For a two-hour period, Carrie captured those serene moments when the reader is in total abandonment of self-awareness, which comes when she is lost in a good book. You can catch this wonderful exhibit at the California Museum of Photography in Riverside starting December 16.


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