Alysia Cotter....

Wednesday, January 5

Thank goodness for Pinterest. If it wasn't for the website, I probably wouldn't have stumbled upon Alysia Cotter's dreamy bokeh photos. Incredible, right? But, having taken a closer look at her site, I saw that her overall work is really about capturing the beauty in the mundane, giving her lovely and soulful images. 

Alysia has been taking pictures since she was 12 years old. Eventually she left her Hollywood corporate job and moved to London to pursue her passion for photography. Sigh. She now has 14 galleries that mostly chronicles her California days, London adventures and other travels. Please check out her blog From London with Love, her Etsy shop and daily photo tumblr.

Images courtesy of Alysia Cotter


  1. her blog & her life is simply beautiful.
    the old-fashioned london she photographs is hard to find these days unfortunately but she depicts it with such vintage style.

  2. Yes, she is truly one of my favorites. I love that she is so passionate about her art.



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