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Tuesday, January 11

Lonny Magazine's new January/February issue is out! One of my favorite features is on fashion icon Lilly Pulitzer and her bright and colorful brand that has spanned nearly 50 years. I've shied away from vibrant colors when it comes to clothes, but I do enjoy using bright greens, yellows and oranges for the home and seeing them in boutiques. 

That is why I'm a big fan of how the Lilly Pulitzer store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania was made over. The Lilly Pulitzer design team stayed true to the Palm Beach vibe and brought in Zebra print, 3D orange and lemon slices, pink planes, and other items -- all paying homage to Lilly's experiences. Walking in, there's no mistaking what the brand stands for. Need a hint? "Lead a colorful life," is written like a mantra on the wall. Words to live by? Definitely. 

Photos via Lonny Magazine


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