Hello Friday ....

Friday, February 25

Squeee! I'm parking my bum in front of the TV to watch The Oscars on Sunday. Can't wait to catch the fashion and see who gets the coveted award. I have a good feeling that Anne Hathaway and James Franco are going to make good hosts. Do you agree?

Images and video via Vanity Fair


  1. i think they're going to make great hosts! i like them both a lot. i always love watching the oscars, although i don't know if i've seen any of the nominated films....

    great blog! i found you via "for the love of blogs". hi!

    happy friday,

  2. Thanks Cailen! I don't know if you've seen the Oscars commercials, but they're pretty funny together!

  3. Thanks for posting this video! I should be doing some work but I couldn't resist watching and then looking up the oscar commercials online, haha.



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