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Friday, March 4

This quirky Brooklyn row house belongs to Kathleen Hacket and Stephen Antonson, authors of "Home From the Hardware Store." I'm inspired by people who can take very mundane everyday objects and transform them into very lovely things. Some of the pieces in this home were fashioned from hardware store items.

I'm crazy about the charcoal-painted walls and the candelabra made out of plumbing parts. Meanwhile, there's a lamp crafted out of drain grates; the coffee table is created out of galvanized elbows used in ductwork; and the dining table is from 2-by-2 boards and fitted with roller shades. Hide-and-seek anyone?

The framed winter gloves are a cute idea! Antonson took "orphaned" gloves, paired them up and added dates and locations of where he found them. I should do that with socks! ;-)

Images via the New York Times


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