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Wednesday, April 6

I've only known about Cara Robbins' photography for a short while, but she can count me as one of her lifelong fans. I particularly love her portraits and her ability to capture the personalities of the people she photographs. Some of her images are sweet and peaceful, while others (especially the ones that feature musicians) are very charismatic and fun. 

Cara has been a photographer for about five years and divides her time between Santa Barbara and LA. This weekend, I asked what she's inspired by. Her answer? Everyday life. "I think when you look through all my work, be it portraits of musicians backstage, or a freshly baked muffin, what you'll see is a natural moment that happened that day at that time." It's capturing the true and sincere moments that's important to her. Again, lifelong fan. You can check out Cara's professional site here.

Images courtesy of Cara Robbins


  1. Beautiful collection of images, love your vision x

  2. nice photos! I discovered you from ftlob and am a new follower. :)

  3. Holy moly me oh my! I love these! Thank you for sharing them!!



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