In Napa ....

Tuesday, April 5

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon and evening at Matthiasson Vineyard in Napa, CA. It was a day filled with incredible food, wine and conversations. The vineyard belongs to Steve and Jill Klein Matthiasson, their two great boys and two dogs.

I love that they are true stewards of the land and work hard to make sure their vineyard and orchard don't become an energy sink. They encourage wildlife and have never used pesticides. Steve said it's a process on trying to find ways to use nature to keep things in balance. 

The Matthiasson home is lovely as well. It's more than 80 years old, and went through renovations when the family moved in. The kitchen is well used, since Jill is often there making jam and chutney from their own fruit. Vintage pieces are also found throughout the farm house. Being inside was like being enveloped in a warm hug. I did not want to leave.  


  1. How beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing <3




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