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Tuesday, August 9

Wanna contribute to a good cause and look cute at the same time? I recommend that you head over to Krochet Kids International. It's an organization that simply asks: buy a hat, change a life. So far, 87 Ugandan women and their families are being lifted out of poverty via the Krochet program. The non-profit works with each crocheter for a minimum of three years and in turn, she is provided with the highest quality of training and mentorship through personal budgeting, savings, loaning and business management topics. The goal is to end their dependence on humanitarian aid. Also, every hat has the signature of the woman who crocheted it. You can see their stories here.

P.S. I bought the Zooey ($25.95) in plum and the Christoph scarf ($31.95) seen below in sea green. I can't wait to see who crocheted my hat!


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