Dream home ....

Wednesday, October 12

I am mesmerized by the grandeur and mystery of this 170-year-old home located in New Orleans' French Quarter. The house belongs to Josephine Sacabo and her husband Dalt Wonk. The former owner was a hoarder, and the couple bought the home and everything in it including birdcages, brass chandeliers, wooden shutters, old doors, vacuum cleaners and other oddities when he passed away. I love the home's exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the spiral staircase, and the living room with its water-stained walls. 

Photography: Sara Essex Bradley 
NYT Reporter: Penelope Green


  1. that is so beautiful! love the exposed brick.


  2. such a beautiful home!

  3. No kidding! Beautiful, I love the exposed brick, but especially that ancient stair case. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just the perfect place to be, so full of memories and laugh - Thanks for sharing these shots that take me back to my dreams.



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