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Tuesday, July 15

A Well Traveled Brand is a new shop I'm currently loving. It belongs to Bekah Stewart of A Well Traveled Woman, and I've been following her blog on Tumblr for a very long time. When she started her extended blog, I became even more of a fan because that's where she often shares the tender and everyday moments of her life. I love her aesthetic, as well as admire her strength and courage to live an authentic life - something I'm trying to do. Anyway, I was excited when I saw that Bekah started A Well Traveled Brand. She collaborated with Fait La Force, an artisan collaborative in Port Au Prince, Haiti, which works with different artisan groups to create new designs, provide technical training, and bring thoughtfully designed products to the marketplace.

Earlier this year, Bekah worked with one of Fait La Force's sewing groups. She taught the seamstresses new skills, and together, they designed the collection. Her shop now features the items crafted in Haiti. My favorites are the patchwork throw and the fold over denim clutch. I need them in my life ASAP!


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