Dream home

Thursday, October 16

This apartment is a total stunner. It's bright, there's a wonderful amount of pastels sprinkled throughout the home, and the Scandinavian design is sooooo goooood. I found this home tour on Studio Oink, a creative lab founded by Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller. The talented duo worked with the owners of this small two-bedroom apartment located in a pre-WWII-building in Wiesbaden, Germany, and designed it to feel spacious. This gives me hope that I can do the same with my place.

While working on the apartment, Lea and Matthias restored the original floor boards, used metro tiles in the kitchen, and built a cupboard made out of antique windows for a large pottery collection. In the hallway, there's a white floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, and a loft bed was built into the office/guest room. 

Other details I love? The pink door handle in the bathroom, the wooden bench in the hallway, and the mismatched mugs and white floors in the kitchen. I'm a little jealous of the couple who lives in the apartment. If I lived there, I'd spend a lot of time on that loft bed. It looks so comfy. 


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