Dream home

Monday, January 12

This home tour from Bolig Magazine took my breath away. Seriously. This gorgeous home belongs to Dorthe Kvist and her husband Jacob and according to the feature, she fell in love with the house at first sight. The garden architect, designer and author said it looked like a "fairy tale castle with overgrown garden, kitschy carpets and empty space." That description has just made it into my must-haves list for my own future home.

Each room in this Copenhagen home has one or two special somethings that make me smile. My favorites: The art wall, which includes a graphic collage by Anna Sorensen and Dorthe's photos from Vietnam; the kitchen's abundance of natural light, as well as the wall-mounted flower pot system that can hold herbs and other plants; the vibrant yellow table and floor cushions in that cozy work space; the entryway's giant poppy wallpaper from Osborne & Little; the gold tufted headboard in the bedroom; and the branch used as the shower rod in the bathroom. Siiiggghhhhh. This home really is a dream. 

Photos by: Martin Sølyst / erikborn.dk


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