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Thursday, February 25

Check out this darling once for sale, but now taken studio located in Skanstorget, Göteborg, Sweden. This space is about tranqquilityyyy and I wish I had it all to myself. Since it's not, let's admire from afar, shall we?

The listing for Skanstorget 3B came from Ähre Agency. The apartment is in a stone house built in 1902 and has all the original woodwork and classic details. But it was the kitchen that made me swoon over this natural light-filled home! The dark floral wallpaper from Sandberg made me stop and go "yes, so pretty." And when I saw the white Smeg fridge, I just about died with envy. IDK Smegs do that to me.

Now, let's zero in on that fireplace with the gorgeous detail at the top. It's on my future home's wish list and it doesn't matter where I end up because I will have one in my living room/dining room. Not kidding. I also can't get enough of the pretty plants, the balcony and the spiral staircase outside the front door. Yep, all this makes me happy. There's more to see of Skanstorget 3B so head on over to Ähre. Enjoy!


  1. The fireplace is amazing. Any idea of the manufacturer? Cheers, SB.

  2. The fireplace is amazing. Any idea of the manufacturer? Cheers, SB.

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